Why Australia is Better than the US for Study

Why is studying in Australia better than in the US?

If you plan to further your studies, it is possible that you have thought of studying in the United States or Australia. Have you ever thought why most scholars and other people prefer studying in Australia than in the US? Here’s why:

Natural beauty

Generally, Australia has quite a lot of untouched magnificence ideal for a human escape from dull routine. The Pink Lake, Blue Mountains, Great Barrier Reef, Shark Bay, and Pinnacles Dessert are some of the beautiful attractions found in this great country. These are some of the features that are rare to find in the US.

The country’s government action

You must have heard that Australia cares about the nation first. That means the government is likely to take action that puts its population first and cares about other country’s issues later. On the other hand, the United States government might sometimes prioritise other countries’ issues and ends up pissing off a larger number of Americans.

Though there is still corruption in Australia, the country’s leadership hierarchy is more transparent and somewhat accountable. For example, if a budget isn’t approved, the law requires re-election of a new government.

Quality of life

Over the decades, Australia has become a country with a much better quality of life. For example, Sydney City is considered among the most beautiful and best cities to live in globally. Besides, four of the states’ capitals, including Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, are some of the top 10 most liveable urban regions in the world. There is no American city on that list. Don’t you want to study in any of those cities?

Crime rate

The crime rate in Australia is much lower compared to the rate of crime in most United States cities. Actually, the crime rate is lower to the point that the police don’t have to carry guns around. They carry batons only. Is the United States this safe?

If you intend on studying in Australia, you aren’t wrong. In addition to providing excellent education, the country is also safe, associated with natural beauty, has a low crime rate, and other positive elements that you may not want to miss.


There are several reasons why studying in Australia is better than in the US. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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