Top Courses to Study in Australia

Top Courses to Study in Australia

Each year, Australia attracts approximately 300,000 international students. This is for the simple fact that Australian universities have a great reputation around the world. But with that being said, what course should you study in Australia? Here are the top courses to study in Australia that increase the chances of getting a job as well as post-study work opportunities. 


Both professional accounting and core accountancy are in high demand around the world. Positions like Management Accountant and Tax Accountant have been listed on MLTSSL. Persons that hold a Masters in Professional Accounting had a great job prospect in both 2018 and 2019. Accountancy remains to be one of the best courses you can study in Australia. 

Actuarial Science 

This is the discipline that assesses financial risks in finance, insurance and many other sectors using statistical and mathematical methods. Actuarial science is an interdisciplinary field that includes statistics, mathematics, economics, finance, and computer science. Qualified and experienced professionals in this field are referred to as actuaries. The applications of actuarial science are becoming more and more popular in investment banking, financial services as well as business-related decision making. 

Agricultural Science

There are so many career opportunities for agronomists, agricultural scientists, agricultural consultants, and forestry consultants. Holding a degree in Agricultural Science and having sufficient work experience gives you numerous job opportunities. Candidates that get their degree in Australia get more preference when it comes to employment. 


90% of the Australian population lives far from urban setups. This is the key reason architects are in high demand. Landscape Architects are in high demand in the job market. 

Biomedical Engineering 

Also referred to as Bioengineering, the field involves the application of principles of engineering and basic sciences. The field aims at developing systems, devices, and equipment required to solve clinical issues. The field also plays a major role in alleviating, compensating and rehabilitation for injuries and disabilities. The field is quite hard-core.

Other great courses you can take include:

  • Core engineering 
  • Earth sciences and related fields
  • Information technology
  • Computer science 
  • Psychology 
  • Tourism and hospitality management 
  • Social work

There are so many other great courses you can take when studying in Australia. The above list will, however, help you get started on the right track. 

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