Things to do to Prepare for the Australian Workplace


International students planning on working in Australia have a number of things they have to take into account at the workplace. This post takes a look at the important essentials you need in order to work in Australia. 

Working with a student Visa

Up until recently, student visas allowed one to work for 20 hours a week during the semesters and full time during the holidays. Visitors need to get a holiday visa if they wish to work in Australia. The holiday visa is valid for a year and there is a possibility for an extension. The best thing about getting a holiday visa is that the visa is not attached to the employment of a single company or organisation. You can change jobs if you want. 

Most of our students get part-time work in fields such as; Hospitality, Retail, Aged care, Disability, Security sectors, Engineering etc. Once you identify the field of part-time work you want to get into, take the following steps to acquire it:

Steps to Acquire Part-Time Work

  1. Enrol into a part time course to get Australian part-time work qualification.
  2. Resume: Ensure that you edit your resume into the Australian standards and update your details relevant the job you are applying for.
  3. Create job alerts on the online job portals such as Indeed, Seek, Gumtree, Jora, job search, CareerOne, Randstad etc.
  4. Do applications online, call or visit the businesses that have declared vacancies online.
  5. Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN): At TFN is not required immediately, however, your employer will need it when you start your first job. 

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Get a tax file number 

Another important thing you will have to do is get a tax file number (TFN). This is very important prior to working in Australia. Working in Australia without the TFN will get you taxed 46.5%. It is very important that you get your tax file number early in order to avoid these high charges. 

Open an Australian bank account 

Your employer will definitely have to send your salary to your bank account. You have to open a local bank account. You can do this online. The process is quite straightforward. 

Be ready for training/certificates

Some jobs in Australia require you to complete a course or take certain training before you can start working. Working in a bar, for example, requires that you take the RSA course and at times an RSG. The good news is that the majority of these courses can be completed online within hours. Having the certification will make all the difference when an employer is deciding on whom to hire. 

Get an Australian or international SIM card 

Communication is a must. Your employer will want to make sure they can reach you at any time. That is why you need to get an International or Australian SIM card. The prepaid SIM cards in Australia are very affordable and easy to find. 

There is a lot more you can do such as getting versed with the local language, culture and so on. The aforementioned points will, however, help you get started on the right path. 

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