Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

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Updated on 06/04/2023:

For our international students in Australia, we hope you are holding up well. As the acceptance cycle of this period progresses, it comes with new challenges most of which we shall keep working through. Here is some information we think is important for now: 

Mental health support

We encourage you to seek help if you are feeling uneasy or have concerns about your mental wellbeing. Here are some national mental health services available: 

  • Headspace | Free Support for 12 – 25 Year olds
  • Beyond Blue | National Help Lines and Websites 
  • Beyond Blue | Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

What if I am concerned that I have the COVID-19 symptoms?

If you think that you have COVID-19 symptoms, seek medical advice. To talk to someone about your symptoms, call the National Coronavirus Helpline for advice and instructions.

What does my overseas health cover for if I’m unwell?

Make sure you have the app of your insurance provider. Login using your policy number, and if you haven’t ordered your card already, you can use the app to order your insurance card. You can call your insurance to ask all the information you need to know about your cover. The app also lets you know of the medical centres near you that are partners of your insurance company, this is useful as you can use your insurance card to directly bill for the service you get on a doctor’s visit. Otherwise, you can always claim back any charges on the visits later. 

You will not be evicted for not paying rent due to lack of funds

A legal authorisation not to evict (a moratorium) renters for not being able to pay rent during this period was announced by the prime minister for six months due to residents experiencing financial struggles resulting from COVID-19. This does not mean that you stop paying rent, but you are encouraged to discuss options with your landlord if you are struggling. Landlords may ask for proof that you cannot pay rent, a letter from your employer saying that you have lost your job will work as proof, but they are not allowed to ask for any evidence of savings. 

Financial hardship

As we mentioned before, please let us know if your are experiencing circumstances where you are struggling to provide for your essentials. Other ways you can get financial help for essentials include the following:

  1. Get in touch with your education provider about supports available for international students. We have outlined a few partner universities who have announced some relief funds on this link
  2. If you are experiencing financial hardship and have been living in Australia for longer than 12 months, you can access your Australian superannuation. Register your details at myGov.
  3. Various community organisations are providing relief in form of vouchers and food. Such as Australian Red Cross and Salvation Army
  4. Some study in Australia government bodies have also come up with support packages for students. Though not all provide the financial relief, they all keep you updated on what is happening in your state on international students. 

Reliable links to find information regarding COVID-19


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