Onshore Services

I. Change of education institutions (Interstate transfers)

We understand that sometimes students will need to change education institutions within the same state or interstate. Options offers free consultation on all our onshore services and our team of counsellors would be happy to explore and explain to you the process of moving from one institution to another.

Depending on the institution, sometimes it will be required that a student stays in an institution for a specified period of time before the institution agrees to officially release them into another institution.

A critical consideration a student must consider when changing education institutions is its level. In regard to whether an institution is Vocational Education Training, Technical and Further Education, a pathway institution or higher Education – Undergraduate and Postgraduate. This is because it affects the future prospects of a student visa application. We highly recommend that student seek advice from us before taking this step.

We partner with institutions in all states in Australia and we are able to facilitate such applications and transfers.

II. Change of courses

We understand that students will have a change of heart when it comes to interests, career goals etc. Which in turn results to a need to change courses while they are in Australia.

Depending on the course program a student is enrolled in, sometimes it will be required that a student studies a certain course for specified period of time before the institution releases them into another program.

Our team of student counsellors are highly skilled in assisting international students in Australia to explore the best study course for them where they closely apply the handcrafted approach to deliver to the students’ need. In addition, the team will also assist with the admission application at no cost in the same institution or in a different one.

III. Student visa application extension/renewal

An international student is required to have a valid student visa at all time while in Australia. Often times, students’ visas expire prior to a student completing their studies. The team at Options in Australia will assist a student to extend or in other cases renew the visa. It is highly recommended that a student consults with us due cases whereby an extended confirmation of enrolment is required or in cases where there has been changes in courses or education institution during the duration of study.

For more information, refer to the Department of home affairs.

IV. Ongoing student support

One of the important reasons why we have an office in Australia, is so that we are close enough to support international students who come from Africa and other parts of the world. Our students settle in all states in Australia but we also able to stay in touch with them and they know to contact us whenever they need to for consultation or when they need assistance to change their courses, university, move from one state to another, extend their student visas and most importantly when they need someone to help them figure things out.

So please stay connected to us by calling our office +618 8231 4000 or send an email to creative@optionseducation.com.au.

Options will be here and ready to help and where we do not have capacity to help, we shall point you to others who can. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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At Options, we understand that our success is connected to the success of our students. We are proud of our unique, handcrafted approach, and are committed to providing our students with the best possible opportunities that Australia has to offer.

We understand that diverse individuals require diverse outcomes, therefore we carefully customise each study pathway. By tailoring our services, we create the best templates for success.

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