International Students studying online

The universities understand that studying online is a new thing and that students will take time to get used to it. For this reason, they are allowing flexibility on the amount of workload students are expected to take on. For instance, students are allowed to study one subject or two as opposed to a full-time workload as is usually the case for students studying face to face.

Useful to also note, is that Australian Universities have been doing online learning for a long time and their cloud (online) systems are highly advanced. In the recent past due to COVID-19, international students in and outside Australia have had to study online due to new rules on social isolation and travel restrictions. As long as you set yourself up with the necessary equipment, such as a computer, and reliable internet, it is convenient.

If you choose not to study online while in your home country, you will not be penalized.

Are there discount/scholarships for online classes?

Some institutions are offering discounts/scholarships on tuition fees when students accept to study online but other are not. Your student counselor will be able to inform you of the universities offering discounts.

On our upcoming events our partners will expound on how their institutions are doing online studies.

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