How does the Australian University System Work

How does the Australian University System Work

Many international students find it challenging to understand the different university education systems across the world. If you are thinking of studying abroad in Australia, you could be wondering where to start. Options Education Agency can help you understand the Australian university system. Understanding how the Australian university system works makes it easy for students to make the right choices.  

Australia’s Universities 

The university system in Australia consists of 41 universities. Out of these, 37 are public; the Commonwealth Government funds the public universities. Students from Australia join public universities through a centralized process. However, international students do not gain entry through the wider selection body; instead, international students send applications to preferred institutions.  

Academic Year 

An academic year for Australia universities has two sessions. Usually, an academic year starts with the autumn session at the end of February or beginning of March. The session extends up to April when students get a mid-term break. The mid-term break is often two weeks long. Around June or July, students undertake mid-year examinations for one month. By the end of July or early August, the second session begins. Students get a mid-term break in September or October. End-of-year examinations take place between November and December before students proceed for a Christmas break. 

Length of Degree Programs 

Different degrees offered in different universities vary in length. However, the majority of bachelor degrees in Australia take three years. Students have the option of pursuing a fourth year known as honours. To gain access to honours, a student must exhibit exemplary academic merit. Honours form part of a student’s bachelor degree and appear on a student’s qualification title. Specialized bachelor degrees could take an extended period to complete.  

While pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Australia, students can choose specific areas to focus on as their majors. Students can also study a complete set of other subjects as their minors.  

Concurrent Degree Programs 

The majority of universities in Australia offer students opportunities to study double degree programs. Therefore, you can study programs from two universities concurrently. You can also complement your main university studies with relevant certificates and diplomas through concurrent studies. 

The Australian education system requires students to uphold integrity in the learning process. The strong education systems help to bring out the best in students. 

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