Getting Your MBA in Australia

Getting Your MBA in Australia

International students intending to get an MBA in Australia have a wide range of options. For both Australian and international students, obtaining an MBA in Australia is a great choice. Australia has renowned business schools that offer globally recognized masters programs. The programs allow scholars to expand their career opportunities across the globe. A master’s in business administration will build a strong foundation for your business management career. 

Australia has more than 30 universities and other private institutions offering MBA degrees. Scholars can also opt to pursue degrees online. Leaners can barely exhaust the available options for completing a master’s in business administration degree in Australia.

Cost of MBA in Australia 

Compared to the U.K. and the U.S., MBA programs in Australia are more affordable. This has attracted numerous students from all over the world. The prices of the degree programs range between $AUD 15,000 and $ AUD 90,000. Every year, thousands of students, both local and international, complete MBA programs in Australia. The majority of MBA students in Australia, 80%, are international students. 

Study Period 

An MBA program in Australia could take between 16 months to 3 years to complete. In the current times, when the international marketplace and the global economy continue to become more relevant, international education is crucial. It will not take you long to earn an MBA in Australia. The internationally recognized qualification will enable you to expand both work and life opportunities.  

Rankings of MBAs in Australia

Australia is home to some of the oldest and most adored business schools in the world. For this reason, Australia has some of the best MBAs in the world. The rankings depend on factors like employability, academic excellence, research excellence, and salary outcomes, among others.  

After completing an MBA in Australia

After completing their MBA studies in Australia, international students can apply for a work visa. The visa allows students to stay and work in Australia while pursuing further studies.

Pursuing an MBA in Australia comes with immense benefits. Options Education Agency assists students who are planning to pursue their MBAs in Australia to gain entry into institutions and apply for visas. Since Australia ranks among the happiest places in the world, studying in Australia is an experience of a lifetime.  

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