Exceptional Course Counseling and Study Abroad Guidance, East Africa

Choosing to study abroad is an exciting decision, but one that takes a lot of effort to ensure that you are making the right choice. You have to make a choice of where to study, the institution to enroll in, and the course to pursue. Options Education Agency offers course counseling and other services to students intending to pursue their education in Australia. We have helped many students in East Africa to join their dream colleges and universities across different cities in Australia. We will walk with you from the beginning until you are fully settled in an institution of your choice. 

When coming to us, you may not even be aware of a suitable course to pursue. Perhaps you have the mentality that choosing a particular course may help you gain residency in Australia. However, we always advise the student to pick courses based on their interests. Pursue a course that you love and enjoy, and your study abroad experience will be amazing. You may explore from a wide range of courses in Australia, including engineering, information technology, hospitality, social work, and business. If you intend to pursue a nursing course, you can choose from the wide range of nursing colleges and universities in Australia.  

We offer both onshore and offshore services to students. Our offshore services include visa application. Our experts are familiar with the process of applying for a visa in Australia and can guide you through the application process. Our experts also offer pre-departure counseling to help you know what you should expect upon arriving in Australia. You will not undergo a culture shock because you will know beforehand what to expect. Other than helping you choose a course that is best fit for you, our experts will help you with the application process to an institution of your choice. We will guide you through the entire admission process, and we will also keep you updated on the progress of your application.

With the help of Options Education Agency, studying abroad does not have to be an overwhelming experience.