Can I Study in Australia for Free

Australian universities and education institutions are recognized worldwide for the quality of education they offer. The institutions welcome the best and the brightest students from across the world through scholarships, exchange agreements, and research agreements. If you are determined to study in Australia but do not have the financial capability, there numerous ways in which you can achieve this goal. Some of the avenues for studying in Australia free include:

Government Scholarships

You can study free in Australia by taking advantage of funded scholarships and fellowships offered by the Australian government. The Australian government offers scholarships to enhance the development of collaborating countries through education. The scholarships are available to international students from various parts of the world, mainly Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific, and Asia.

A common requirement of the Australian government scholarships is for international students to go back to their countries for not less than 2 years after completion of studies. During this period, the students use the skills and the knowledge acquired from their study in Australia to enhance the development of their home countries.

University Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships offered by the Australian government, different universities across Australia offer scholarships giving international students a chance to study abroad free. The departments of various courses or degrees in different universities award the scholarships.

Postgraduate Research Scholarships

If you are pursuing postgraduate studies, you can take advantage of the postgraduate research scholarships commonly abbreviated as IPRS. IPRS gives exceptional international students an opportunity to help in developing Australia’s research effort. Many students from across the world can access this scholarship. The IPRS is accessible for 2 years for research masters and 3 years for research doctorate. To participate in the IPRS, you have to apply directly with the participating universities in Australia.

Endeavor Fellowships and Scholarships 

The endeavor fellowships and scholarships are available to international students from the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. The endeavor scholarships are merit-based and provide international students with great opportunities to do studies and development programs in Australia.

To benefit from free education in Australia, you should be aware of the scholarship and fellowship application dates. You should also understand the scholarship application process.  Options Education provides valuable guidance to students on accessing free education in Australia. 

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