Exceptional Course Counseling and Study Abroad Guidance, Australia

Studying abroad can open a window full of opportunities and expectations. Studying abroad is a roller-coaster ride. One day, you may wake up feeling like you have access to the best opportunities the world has to offer. On another day, it may feel like the world is crashing on you. To have the best study abroad experience in Australia, you can count on the Options Education Agency in Australia. We offer both onshore and offshore course counseling and other assistance to students. We assist students intending to join leading universities across Australia. After joining your dream university in Australia, we will continue offering continuous assistance to make your stay abroad comfortable.  

If you are not sure about the course you intend to pursue; Options Education Agency can offer you guidance. If you are interested in pursuing a nursing course, for instance, we will help you identify the leading Colleges and Universities for nursing in Australia. Other leading professional courses that you can take advantage of in Australia include engineering, social work, information technology, business, and hospitality. 

With our services and guidance, you will not have to wonder how to apply to university in Australia. Our experts will guide you through the application processes for your institutions of choice. We will ensure that you do not miss the application deadline. We will also ensure that you meet all the application requirements.  

Say, you are already admitted to a course or institution in Australia. However, you feel like you need to change your course or change your institution of learning. Options Education Agency offers onshore services, and we can give you guidelines on how to apply to an alternative institution. We will also guide you on how to change your course and pursue a course that interests you most. We also assist students with student visa application extension and renewal. 

You can count on us for any form of ongoing student support while studying in Australia.